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associated with the taliban and border areas, and al-qaeda and the iranian peninsula although no conclusions have been reached on who was responsible. fox news has told the devices were placed inside black nylon backpacks and placed inside carnage case. in some cases the individuals have 30 pieces of shrapnel, and doctors confirming to reporters this morning the shrapnel is turned over to investigators. >> nails, you know, or sharp, sharp objects. i can't say what they are with certainty, but that's how they look like. >> do you know how many of them-- >> they are numerous, numerous. there are people who have 10, 20, 30, 40 of them in their body, or more. >> and an investigative source familiar with the case tells fox news, the fbi is scanning cell phone tower records for what is described as the moment much detonation and could be the corresponding cell phone number could be traced and telling fox the video you see here is not inconsistent with a chemical explosive at that can be pulled together from common ingredients from a hardware store and the investigative source, the saudi person of
of the fingerprints on it of al-qaeda. >> neil: if it ends up being this pressure cooker thing, that has been used by a number of domestic terrorists. i don't know, as you point out to me, a bad guy is a bad guy whether he's from this country or another country. >> roger that. >> neil: there are lots of them from other countries, it gets to be more hairy and i understand that. but what makes you think that al-qaeda's fingerprints are on this? >> al-qaeda's fingerprints are on this, especially al-qaeda ap which is the arabian peninsula. they pulled off the 2004 madrid explosion. they hit the uss cole. they tried to pull off -- this is their m.o. doesn't mean they did it. it means only if it wasn't them, it is someone who is absolutely following to the letter their m.o. to make it look like they did it. so, you know, this is just one of those things where guys like me in the business, and i assure you, the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. already know this. they've got it. they figured this out. they're immediately saying wow. look at the fingerprints. this is not like when my mother worked for j. edgar hoover
, an al-qaeda affiliated would-be bomber was caught with in 2011 in a thwarted bombing of the fort hood military. and scanning cell phone tower records for the moment of detonation and we've received news moments ago, offering a new view of the moment when a beautiful race day turned into one of america's darkest hours. . [explosion] >> here is what we know right now, the bombs appeared to have been packed with shrapnel to ensure maximum damage. the chief of emergency services at mass general says doctors have removed pellets and nails from the victims. that hospital alone treated 31 people and performed four amputations. at this point in time authorities are staying tight-lipped on possible suspects. the fbi will not confirm or deny anything. those sources are still telling fox news that quote, a person of interest is being questioned. just hours ago, the fbi also confirming this will be a worldwide investigation. promising to go to the end of the earth to find whoever is responsible. all told, police say 176 people were injured, 17 critically. and again, three people are dead, includ
in the trial. right now, one of the only links we have as the chechen involve in the al-qaeda mov movement. are there other conspirators out there? where do they get the radicalization? are there mosques or imam we should look at? who did his brother meet with in russia, chechnya? these are questions that can be contained only if he does not get miranda rights. right now, there is a public safety exception, that will expire in 48 hours. if that, he can lawyer up and stay quiet. i'm not interested -- he will be convicted one way or another. right now they need to get intelligence. this is a unique opportunity to go to treasure throw of intelligence. >> chris: excuse me, i want to get to intelligence. i know you have been briefed this week. what can you tell us about plot at this point? was there foreign involvement? what do you know of anything about the older brother, tamerlan's trip to russia last year? >> we do not know specifics. however we do know there was likely a call from russia. before he went back to tagastan and chechnya, asking about it. conjecture would lead one to believe it
the hospital. moments away. >> then this teen was boarding a flight heading out of the country to join al-qaeda. that's when he was nabbed by the f.b.i. details on this breaking story out of chicago this morning. >> and an emotional return for red sox fans. to fenway park. >> ♪ touching me ♪ touching you ♪ sweet caroline [ all singing ] ♪ good times never seen so good ♪ >> more on the surprise performance by neil diamond. "fox & friends" hour one begins right here. ♪ ♪ >> good morning again, everyone. we have a fox news alert for you. so much new information on what has happened in boston and the suspect. great to be with you. clayton morris, tucker. wonderful to you guys. under heavy guard and the bombing suspect is inside a massachusetts hospital following his capture friday night. >> that's where molly lion joins us from boston with the latest on his condition. molly? >> good morning, guys. well, dzhokhar tsarnaev is inside under treatment and under heavy guard, as you mentioned. no word whether or not he can communicate. but outside fenway park yesterday afternoon, governor ed
members of the homeland security committee say this looks like the mark of al qaeda. we have brand-new details in the f.b.i.'s investigation. first let's go downtown in boston. >> the sun is just beginning to rise over the city of boston, a much different city, a quiet city this morning, almost eerie to see boylston street behind me and this morning it still looks like a marathon happened here yesterday. streets are still a mess, papers are everywhere. that area is in lockdown. the business district not reopening today. that remains a crime scene as a terrorist investigation continues right now here on the streets of boston. this event happened just a little bit before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. that's when really the height of the marathon, the elite runners had long since finished about two hours earlier. so the people that were crossing the finish line were many of them charity runners, were here to raise money for leukemia, for the liver foundation, for all the various things that people raise money for in the course of the 26 miles, plus they're running. as they were crossing t
they have outside help from al-qaeda or some other terrorist group? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. catherine, so what do we know? did they have help or not? >> that is one of the things investigators are looking into and scrubbing the records of the event. two yea acin 2012 when the russian government asked the fbi to investigate the older brother but a because he was a quote radical supporter of islam and a strong believer and left the united states to join what the russians described as unspecified terrorist groups. the revealation is causing unease at the bureau. >> there are a lot of palpiat that timions going on about what did they say and what if anything did they miss and that will be heavily scrutinized. >> former head of count youer terrorism at the fbi says the bar are is high with federal investigators without solid evidence of terrorist activities and identifying with an extremist group's ideas is simply not enough. >> we have hundred hundreds ift thousands of people in the country who is have some sort of sympathy to foreign terrorist organ
to be immune from the propaganda of al qaeda and other groups that has worked everywhere in the world. this is just a problem that america needs to face. we don't necessarily need to change our foreign policy. but if you're an adult, you have to look for what motivates the enemy. clearly just as you described, these two people lived very comfortably in the united states, enjoyed our way of life, had really nothing against the culture. what they apparently had a problem with was just what i was speaking about, the impact of the u.s. government's war policy in the muslim world. and that's -- phr-r people in eus -- there are people in islamic countries carrying a grudge against the west for centuries until a genius named osama bin laden came along and provided them with a core of grievances that are applicable to muslims whether you live in montreal or pretoria or western china. they now have the capability because of communications and the ease of acquiring weapons to take action against it, sir. >>brian: let's look at our foreign policy. if president bush had it wrong, according to som
trying to kill americ americans, al qaeda has been trying to kill americans since 2001. if this is an attack by al qaeda it's not surprising and it's an indication of how degraded they have been that they amounted relatively small, relatively something that could be done by a relatively small number of people to do this. we don't know for sure it was al qaeda, but it certainly has that look. >> i find it fascinating that that is your first thought that it would be al qaeda. the present view seems to be that it might have come from within the united states and not least perhaps of the timing on patriots day and the history that that evokes. the washington post pointses out when timothy mcveigh had the right-wing groupsing with vkted before and the possibility of within the united states and that is the case again now. >> i of course, can't rule that out, but the sort of attack that we're seeing, the evidence, the fragmentary evidence we have, multiple explosionses and more or less simultaneously at a big eve event, an attack on individuals who are -- whose only connectio
, the terrorists are not going to wear tin file o foil or ears. they're not going to fly the black flag of al-qaeda in their yard. the point is to assimilate, to mislead people. back in the days of the cold war, soviet spies didn't wear their politics on their sleeve. they tried to fit in. they tried it look like members of the establishment. look at aljer hiss. he was a supreme court court. his brother was a law partner. how could he be a communist spy? yet, he was. terrorists can learn that lesson. the best way to avoid scrutiny is to look like you fit in. >> we just had anna chatman, remember her, the sexy russian spy who is moscow and putin gave her an award. you raise a point about letting him back into the country, not just the first time but last year when he came back from russia. has there been an unfortunate pattern of that? egypt didn't want theli sheikh. he's convicted of being the leader of the cell that went to attack the world trade center in 1993 and plot the bombing of landmarks. he's a notorious convicted international terrorist. where is the gap? where are the holes? have we made
and pakistan. i will say that the al qaeda playbook is usually to hit sporting events. you read this all the time. sporting events, mass casualties. it really -- this marathon bombing plays into the al qaeda playbook. so i would not discount -- again, as i've said throughout your programs, we still at this point really don't know if this is a foreign or a domestic terror plot. >> all right. very important point to still make tonight. thank you very much. we appreciate your time as always, chairman mccall. still to come, we have more of our coverage of the boston marathon bombings and the new video that we have tonight. the fbi video of the two possible suspects, we're going to go through it again. as i said, it's riveting. you keep wanting to see it and see it and see it. is there a clue in the hat that they're wearing specifically? plus, a desperate effort to save possible survivors in the west texas explosion. the latest from the scene. [ tires screech ] [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until
camps, the al qaeda camps, for a number of years. but, you know, they have also flocked against the government. you have got that. what we see over the last years is you don't have to go to a training camp. i'm torn on this. until we see the two guys who became disenfranchised, or is there some other bigger thing pushing this? >> simon? you want in on the conversation. >> some young lunatic who wants to make a name of yourself. waiting for the controlled explosion of the house they used to inhabit. is that for sure an indication that they found explosives there or is that being precautionary? >> i think you have got to be very -- you can't jump to conclusions. this may be nothing more than two knuckle heads who became disillusioned with the world. that is the 800 pound elephant in the room. you have to look at that. with respect to the controlled explosions, i would suspect they found something in the houses and they're methodically going to eliminate that threat. >> can you tell us when you were vol fed with the fbi what level of cooperation did you get from the russians. >> we
in terror bombings. instructions for making them appear on the internet including just last month in an al qaeda magazine "inspire." investigators say the explosive in boston was most likely smokeless powder, gunpowder like this, available at sporting goods store, not something more powerful like dynamite. and they believe the bombs were carried to the scene in dark nylon bags and set off by timers. the fbi is examining photos like this from nbc affiliate whdh to see if nylon bags might have been placed on trash bags on the sidewalk to appear less conspicuous. a former bomb investigator says the experts know what to look for. >> they are able to recognize the minute pieces of an recall that a civilian wouldn't even know what it was, but a bomb investigator like fbi or atf will say, that's from a clock. that's from a battery. >> reporter: boston police say the area was checked twice for bombs yesterday, but there was no security screening. >> because there is unrestricted access to the race course, simply because it's 28 miles long, people can come and go and bring items in and out. >> repo
there are recipes, bomb making recipes in "inspire" magazi magazine, an al qaeda magazine, but also the anarchist group, which is a domestic group. when we heard the pressure cooker bomb, we heard that wouldn't help investigators come to a conclusion, who was behind this and why. but, again, the pieces may lead them to the individuals so they can answer that question. >> tom, i want to get a little bit into the psychology of a person who would do this no claim of responsibility as we know of, and the bomb made to cause the most damage possible. can you take us inside the mind of someone who would do this? >> well, possibly. you know, in a situation like this, you have the difficulty of the investigation is that this has the hallmarks of an international terrorist bombing. it has the hallmarks of domestic terrorist bombings and hallmarks of neither one. you don't have a group like al qaeda or taliban claiming credit like you might. you don't have a suicide bomber, someone martyring themselves in the process. the bomber still alive and out there as we speak. that creates difficulty. secondly, in th
the hallmarks of an al qaeda attack. >> i think when you look at that, you have to go to your inspire magazine, al qaeda's online publication where they have instructions for these bombs. you see these simple bombs. it certainly does that. to be on balance, you also will see that these are not sophisticated devices. we've seen the same kind of devices in domestic terror. >> no clear evidence that anyone subjected this was going to happen and secondly no one has taken credit for it at this time. norah? >> that's right, john miller. thank you. and charlie. as you heard, eyewitnesses say it was a horrific scene at the marathon finish line. medical tents set up at the end of the race were turned into emergency rooms. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. victims were brought to seven boston area hospitals including mass general that took in 29 of them, eight of whom here are listed in critical condition for a total of 17 around the area. as word of the bombings came out, the hospitals quickly sprang into action. they evacuated their emergency rooms preparing for mass casualties because in
. this is an internationally inspired attack. the indom trinhation occurs elsewhere, probably in the gulf or -- al qaeda is not an organization. it's an ideology. it's an idea. and the fact that these people pick it up and turn it against the united states is foreign. >> so they had help in chechnya, the elder one did in your opinion receive some kind of training. they had no xilt strategy. maybe any made a horrible mistake. you could have concealed his face. he probably wouldn't have been caught. this wasn't truly a military operation. it was easy to catch. we haven't seen any help on the ground so far. the police i'm sure are holding their cords close to the vest. >> that gave me good insight. thanks so much. >>> family members are speaking out about the attacks. we'll hear from then when we come back. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bo
the internet. they were just last month in the latest edition of the al qaeda online magazine "inspire." but they're all over the place. also putting shrapnel in them. ball bearings, nails. that's unfortunately very common, too. the explosive material that we believe was gun powder, smokeless powder. you look at this from a distance and you'd see, well, this is not a very cleverly made device. it's very common. but what the bomb technicians say is, yes, but, whoever built these managed to get them both to go off within 15 seconds of each other. and that suggests certainly some level of knowledge or -- or sophistication if you will. so they've taken all those pieces, chris. here's an interesting piece of data. the control tests have shown that after you blow up something like a pressure cooker bomb, the pieces are not consumed by the explosive. they're just made into thousands of pieces and spread all over the place. it is possible to recover 98%, 93% to 98% of them. that's why they've all been shipped here to the fbi crime lab, trying to keep them separate, which device they think is w
chechnya to afghanistan and has ties to al qaeda and the taliban. there's no way of knowing the plausibility of what happened here, but we've seen this happen -- we've seen this movie once before. where young, unassimilated brits, young, unassimilated americans get radicalized by going back to areas where instead of visiting grandma, they're visiting terrorist training camps. . we don't know if that's what happened here, but we know that's what the cia and the russian government are looking into. >> that's a great point. and phillip mod, let me turn that point to you. these boys were raised in america. what can you tell us in terms of the network that they may or may not be associated with and where those networks are? should we be thinking that this is broader than just dzhokar tsarnaev and his brother? >> regardless of what we think, we have to pursue that angle. you can't bet on what you think in an environment like this. you've got to understand that if there is a network, we can't pretend that there's not. so when you're looking at these two kids, to me, everything that
into u.s. society. and of course domestic extremists who don't do this under the banner of al qaeda or islam have almost by definition lived in the united states and been a part of our society, and then turn against it. so, investigators, assuming he will talk, investigators will help piece together how he went from being a high school student in cambridge, mass, to someone who was willing to kill innocent civilians. >> do you think others were involved, michael? michael, it's alex. i hope you can still hear me. we're having audio difficulties today. do you think others were involved? >> i think in part it depends on how you define involved. in my initial take here, and what we've been told i don't think there are other people directing any of this. i think it will probably turn out that these two operated alone in that sense. but if what you mean by involved is were there other people who influenced these two to take these steps, the answer to that is almost certainly yes. we talk about lone wolves, but, in fact, lone wolves end up living in an ecosystem. and that ecosystem is abou
, that is what his father says. he was laying low at home. >> apparently he had some ties to al qaeda, that being said you can upload things without necessarily being tied to the organization. the fbi looked at him and didn't think hoe think he was a threat. he didn't demonstrate that much security when he hijacked the car, the cell phone was in there allowing the police to track them down. even if he met with one of these groups, he wasn't a highly trained operative. >> they checked him out. they looked back at him in 2011 at the request of the russians. why might the russians ask the fbi to look into this guy? and clearly the question so many people are asking right now is did the fbi miss something? >> i'd say first, after 9/11 in particular there's been increased intelligence sharing internationally. it's definitely possible the russians and united states said, okay, he's a guy to keep an eye on. he's not now a u.s. citizen but living in the united states. that being said i'm not sure the fbi missed anything necessarily. i haven't seen access to the intel they have. but just having a couple y
direction by a terrorist organization such as al qaeda or any other terrorist organization. there could be lots of other reasons why this government was worried. perhaps there were mailings, just ordinary postal mailings that they came across with information that this person wanted to create some harm. we've seen that, for instance, in our country with threats to the president of the united states. ordinary postal mailings can be quite important, but it wouldn't be picked up in things like a search of cell phone records and so forth. >> quick break. when we come back, we will get into this reported trip that one of the suspects took, that six-month trip to russia. we'll talk about how that could factor into this investigation. come back. for his small business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark bus
are oppressing the chechens. on the jihadi elements al qaeda has chechen fighters and chechens who have cut their teeth and gone elsewhere. it is something the fbi will be looking at. it's important to note the extent the individuals are lone wolves oftentimes are not necessarily as effective so it does tip us off to the extent they might have had some training to be able to do this because oftentimes you can't build a bomb that's effective unless you practice. >> there are other signs they didn't have an exit strategy, robbing a 7-eleven, they inexplicably and in cold blood killed an m.i.t. police officer authorities say. that shows that maybe they didn't have the training or the discipline that you would think a jihadi terrorist would have. >> just as you can read a cookbook doesn't mean you're julia child. the sense with lone wolves we think they're a scary threat and already live in society, et cetera, but for every timothy mcveigh you have hundreds of dreamers and individuals who don't carry out attacks. >> for what we saw at the boston marathon how many dozens of events have been quas
bearings suggest domestic or international. the fact is whether it's al qaeda or domestic terrorist groups or hezbollah, all of these groups have used different sorts of motus operenda. it will be a different lead for investigators in boston and washington, but beyond that, it's hard to go much farther. >> i thought the white house's response yesterday was interesting. not what the president said, but what the president didn't say. >> right. the president did not refer to the attacks as an act of terrorism. but later, a white house official said, quote, this. any event with multiple explosive devices as this appears to be is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as an act of terror. however, we don't yet know who carried out this attack. and a thorough investigation will have to determine whether it was planned and carried out by a terrorist group, foreign, or domestic. >> you know, the boston globe's kevin cullen, i thought wrote a great column yesterday about this in response to it. talked about a perfect marathon and then, of course, the unimaginable. >> this is how bad this i
. when you look at the people i faced for a couple decades, that is terrorists inspired by al qaeda, they after 9/11 went to bombs that were much more sophisticated. explosives were more sophisticated. they received training that was pretty advanced. they selected targets that were harder than this target. i would argue more iconic. that is transportation targets that are recognizable worldwide. in this case you've got folks who selected a very soft target. very primitive devices. and a target that i don't think is iconic globally even though it is in the united states. >> phil and tom, both of you stand by. we're awaiting the president and the first lady. they're going to be heading over from air force one over to the cathedral of the holy cross. we'll watch the interfaith service in its entirety here on cnn. our special coverage will continue right after this. many people are struggling with issues related to mental health. by earning a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. le
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)